Other Games Including:
Volleyball Sets | Horse Shoes | Washers | Tacky Tourist Relay | Hula Hoop Relay | Three Legged Race | Potato Sac Race |Tug-a-War | Balloon Blowing Contest | Water Balloon Toss  

  • Moonwalks
  • Face Painters
Adding a face painter makes for Great pictures and just the right amount of flair. 
  • Clowns and Balloon Artist
Bubbles the Clown
- Specializes in Magic, FacePainting,  Balloon Art and is also Billingual

Balloon Artist 
- can fill the air with joy and excitement as each child receives their very own Balloon Art.
Clowns are fun for the whole family! 
What's a PARTY without a couple of                   


  • Cotton-Candy Machines
This machine is easy to operate and can produce a lot of cotton candy quickly.  Comes in many flavors such as silly-nilly, bubblegum, and, boo-berry!

 *Includes: 1 bag of floss sugar and 1 box of cotton-candy cones.

  • Sno-Cone Machines
Ice is all that is needed to make a near endless amount of your favorite sno-cones.  

Available in Lemon-Lime, Grape, Berry, Orange, and more! 

 *Includes: 50 Cups and two 16 oz's of your choice of flavors
  • Popcorn Machines
Call for Details 832.205.1805
The Classic!  This is great for any event, and its intoxicating buttery smell will attract a lot of attention.  We also provide the popcorn, butter, and scoop.

 *Includes: 1 bag of popcorn mix 
Party planning made EASY!!!
Snow Parties
Snow Parties
* Additional supplies are available for extra charge. A small table that two concession machines can fit on are provided at NO EXTRA CHARGE!
  • Clowns and Balloon Artist